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Steal my girlfriend
[...] * and a HUGE TWICE THE SIZE OF SOLDIER’S F*CK TO AMM F*CK YOU * to Bill Robbins for trying to steal my girlfriend. Not only * did you show me no respect but you’re a manipulating * prick who tried to take away the most important thing in * the world to me […]
22.03.2019 - 10:30:58
Lazy MSIE 6 developers
/* For some stupid reason that i don’t want to know, those alerts are ALWAYS returning the same shit under that shitty browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer 6), when i’m using element.getAttribute(‘foo’) i want to _GET_ THE F*CKING ‘foo’ _ATTRIBUTE_ of element NOT A STUPID CHILD named ‘foo’. Thanks again lazy MSIE 6 developers! */
21.03.2019 - 10:30:12
Work guarantee
/* Yeah, yeah. Cheap hack, but it’s guarenteed to work! :)  * The following just hacks the returned track name into  * the variable  */
20.03.2019 - 10:30:45
You’ve been warned
######## No User serviceable part below ! ######## # You should really not look any further: # The following is private unexported undocumented # unblessed... code time to hit "q" ;-) ! # Hmmm... ok, you really want to know ? # You’ve been warned… Here it is... # Array storing the parsed descriptions variable […]
17.03.2019 - 10:30:15
I have NO idea how this happened
/* what the f*ck... this happened once when the source was  * somehow added twice... i have NO idea how this happened,  * but giFT shouldn’t be crashing because of it */
16.03.2019 - 10:30:08
A security standpoint
/*  * Map other pairs to security names  * here. For now just let non-IPv4 transport always succeed.  *  * WHAAAATTTT. No, we don’t let non-IPv4 transports  * succeed! You must fix this to make it usable, sorry.  * From a security standpoint this is insane. — Wes  */
15.03.2019 - 10:30:26
Sorry to the developers
# don’t blame me if this is wrong! It took me quite a while # to find in st**id tcsh docs *grrr* # (insert “sorry-to-the-developers” here). […]
14.03.2019 - 10:30:30
A rewrite from scratch
/* Originally this was a hacked version of shout. Then, I wrote it in perl, the music kept breaking up on pauses Then, I wrote it in C, the music kept breaking up on pauses Then, I wrote another one in C using shared memory between two processes. It worked. Then, I discovered what happens […]
13.03.2019 - 10:30:33

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